BehavioUral Medicine

Behaviour problems in animals are one of the more common reasons for owners to relinquish their
pets. Activities such as aggression and anxiety often result in a breakdown of the bond that exists
between pets and people. Vet Ethology is committed to offer a solution to the behavioural problems
of your pets and to re-establish the bond between pet owners and their animals.

Dr. Anouck Haverbeke obtained a PhD in Ethology and is European Veterinary Specialist in
Behavioural Medicine for horses, dogs, cats and other vertebrates since 2013 (EBVS© European
Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine).

Consultations can be done by simple request from the owners or by a referral from another
veterinarian. Referrals by veterinarians will be done in narrow collaboration with them.


What does a consultation consist of?

The consultation happens preferably at the office. The first consultation takes 1h30. The number of follow-up consultations will be adapted following the problem and the request of the owner.
Treatments usually go together with training programs. In function of the owner’s expectation, VetEthology will set up an individual training plan specifically designed to the individual needs of the owner and his animal.

What problems do we treat?

We treat under more the following behavioral problems for horses, dogs, cats and other vertebrates:

Horses: aggressive behaviour amongst persons or animals, fear (separation anxiety, fear in certain
situations), repetitive behaviour (crib biting, wind sucking, pacing, head shaking…), problems with the
trailer, training related problems…

Dogs: aggressive behaviour amongst persons and animals, fear (separation anxiety, fear in certain
situations…), house soiling, repetitive behaviour, training related problems

Cats: aggressive behaviour amongst persons and animals, fear in certain situations, house soiling…

Even other vertebrates (parrots, rabbits, exotics) can suffer from behavioural problems.

Make an appointment and let’s figure out the solution together.


Next to the diagnostic and treatment, Vet Ethology often gives expertise and advice on subjects around behaviour and welfare (purchase of an animal, welfare and training methods, risk assessment, feeding choices, housing conditions….

Don’t hesitate to ask our prices in advance.

Did you know that pet insurances can cover your consultations in Behavioural Medicine.

Contact us if you would like more information.

Prior to a first behavioural consultation, owners are asked to fill a questionnaire, which can be downloaded here. 

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