Individual Training

Specific behaviour problems of your horse or your dog can be corrected through individual training. During this training, you will learn to understand the origin of the behaviour problem and how to resolve it.

Common problems for dogs include: aggressive behaviour towards conspecifics, bikers, humans, children.., fearful behaviour or panic in specific situations, jumping on persons, problems to stay alone at home, recall problems…

Common problems for horses include: aggression towards persons or towards conspecifics, crib biting, weaving, trailer problems or general on ground or on saddle training related problems.

The procedure of individual training is as follows:

  1. In order to offer a complete and professional service, we ask you to firstly schedule a consultation in Behavioural Medicine (1h30). Through a complete history taking, medical evaluation and diagnosis, we will set up a realistic training program, specifically adapted to the individual needs of your animal.
  2. During the training program, you can choose to schedule a single session (45’) or 7 sessions (7×45’) at a cheaper rate. Some problems can be solved through 2-3 sessions, others need more time. The practical training takes place at Vet Ethology, or if necessary, at the place where the problem occurs.
  3. During this training program, it is important to train at your home some minutes a day. Between our training sessions, there is always the possibility to contact us. The interval between the training sessions is decided together. At the end of each training session, the progression is checked. If necessary, the training program will be adapted.

Price list for behavioral consultation and individual training

  • Individual training (45min): 80.00€ VAT incl.

  • Package of 7 individual training classes of 45 minutes: 560.00€ VAT incl. (80€ per session instead of 90€ VAT incl.)

  • If necessary, transport costs will be charged (0,7€/km, VAT incl.)

  • Payment is required by bank transfer before the start of the training.

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