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Dr. Stefania Uccheddu

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine – PhD

Stefania qualified as a veterinarian from Sassari University (Italy) in 2008. At that time, she had been working on wildlife ethology and she defended her thesis about the behaviour of Sardinian red deer (Cervus elaphus corsicanus). Subsequently she obtained a Master in Ethology at the University of Cordoba (Spain) and a PhD on physiology, behaviour and reproduction of fallow deer (Dama dama) in 2012. In 2016, she obtained a Master in Behavioral Medicine at the University of Parma (Italy).
Since 2016, Stefania is Resident at the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioral Medicine (ECAWBM) and she conducts behavioural consultations in Italy. Stefania is teaching animal behaviour in collaboration with different institutions as “Istituto Fauno” (Italy). She is a frequent lecturer in Italy (University of Milan, Italy) and abroad on the topic of Animal Behaviour and human-animal interactions. At the moment, she is involved in a research project on cats at the Department of ethology (ELTE, Budapest).
Stefania is committed to organize seminars and workshops for cat and dog owner. She is a member of different Veterinarian Associations in Animal Behaviour (ECAWBM, ESVCE, SISCA, AVEC).
Stefania collaborates with Dr Anouck Haverbeke on research projects studying the influence of olfactory enrichment on emotions of humans and animals.
Her complete CV and list of published peer reviewed articles can be found in the joint PDF file.

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