Intensive 5 days course on dog behaviour and training 

During this intensive 5 day course (1 day per month), you will receive the latest scientific and practical information on dog behaviour and dog training in order to improve your relation with your dog. All theory will be complemented with lots of practical training exercises.

This course includes the following contents: 

– Dog communication and stress signals 

– Behavioural dog and human needs 

– Positive training methods based on the latest scientific research

– Creation of a specific training program for your dog with monthly assessment of videos 

– Training tools to manage fearful behaviour

– Training tools to manage aggressive behaviour

Participants will be invited to write out a training plan for their dog and can send a video once a month to stimulate a complete integration of the training exercises. 

A participation certificate will be given at the end of the training. The training needs to)  be followed with your own dog. 

Dates of the next course upon demand

Price: 600€ for the complete course, lunch included. Payment is required by bank transfer before the start of the course. Maximum 8 participants per course. 

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